DVR28 - 3.0 Tonne Ride-On Vibratory Rollers

Machine Dimension – L x W x H (mm) 2,095 x 980 x 2,568
Drum Size – D x W (mm) Width (900) Option(1000), Diameter (560), Shell Thickness (15) Side Clearance (40), Curb Clearance (337), Chamfered Edge Finishing
Operating Weight (kg) 1,730
Centrifugal Force (kN) 16
Vibration Frequency – Hz (vpm) 66.7 (4,200)
Water Tank Capacity (L) 110
Hydraulic Oil Tank (L) 30
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 31
Maximum Speed (km/h) 10- Highest Speed
Height - Top of the Steering Wheel (mm) 1,534
Height - Top of the ROPS (mm) 2,568
Shipping Weight (kg) 1,790
Drum Weight (kg) Static Front and Rear - 376
Drum Wiper Type Spring-Loaded Self-Adjusting Steel Wiper
Vibrating System Nominal Amplitude 0.4, Gear Pump- POCLAIN® Hydraulics, FRANCE, Motors- CASAPPA®, ITALY
Vibrating Drums Front/Both
Propulsion DRUM DRIVE - Axial Piston Puump with Variable Displacement and 2 Radial Piston Motors from POCLAIN® Hydraulics, FRANCE
Brakes - Gradability (Theoretical) 35° PARKING - SAHR (Spring-Applied Hydraulically Released)
Steering System and Design 1 Cyclinder, Double-Acting Hydraulic System with a Maintenance-Free centre Pivot Articulation of ±30° Outside Turning Radius - 3,100 mm
Water System Pressurised Electric Diaphragm Pump. Filters of 100 Mesh Screen@ Nozzle with 80 Mesh in-Line
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