About Hoppt

HOPPT®, established in 1975, was the leading brand for UNi-Corp. Under the HOPPT® brand the company marketed their first concrete vibrators, making this brand the first and only manufacturer of such equipment in Singapore. Other than Japan, HOPPT® was the only other Asian country to build a tamping rammer, which requires in-depth engineering and expertise. HOPPT® has expanded to what is now, a brand that is globally respected and recognised for its reliability and quality. HOPPT® equipment is distributed throughout the Asian- Pacific market, and some parts of South America for sale through their sales offices in Singapore. In the Australia Pacific market, it is being distributed through Hoppt Australia.


UNi-Corp, a family-owned Singapore based company, founded in 1975 by Mr. Tan Poh Kwang and Gwee Leyan Hua was Singapore’s very first and only manufacturer of light construction equipment for sale. Initially the company started in the business of repairing of various construction equipment including rollers and rammers; machining of spare parts and manufacturing of HOPPT® Concrete Vibrators in 1978.

Soon to follow this initiative was manufacturing of mould bases and its components. UNi-Corp fabricated components for elevator companies like Hitachi, Fujitec and OTIS to just name a few. All of us have ridden in elevators and can understand how critical it is to the safety of people riding these to ensure that all components were of the highest quality and met all norms and standards. UNi-Corp prides itself in having the best skilled technicians and quality control processes in place to ensure consistently high quality products and at the same time maintaining the highest workplace and safety standards. This focus of producing high-quality components became the baseline for the wide range of light-to-medium construction equipment now produced by UNi-Corp and marketed under three major brands – HOPPT, ESI and Paclite.

The Shanghai manufacturing factory, established in 1994, was quickly outgrown due to the rapidly growing production requirements, and the company was required to setup a much bigger, state-of-the-art production plant. This new facility covers an area of almost 40,000 sq. meters (over 400,000 sq.feet), and employs over 300 employees.

All facets of manufacturing, from engineering, assembly, machining, fabrication, painting, quality control to finance, purchasing, administration and warehousing are now managed at this new location. UNi-Corp completed their factory relocation in March 2012 from Shanghai to Haimen City in Jiangsu province, on the northern bank of the Yangtze River. With this move to a much larger facility, Hoppt management made a conscientious decision to upgrade and acquire the latest high-tech machinery to be able to consistently and efficiently produce products of a quality level competitive with the top players within the construction equipment industry in the United States, Europe and all around the World.

UNi-Corp still maintain their sales & marketing, finance and R&D divisions in Singapore. UNi-Corp collaborated with Equipment Synergy International to sell and distribute their equipment in the highly competitive markets of the Americas,Hoppt Australia for the Australia Pacific Markets and Paclite brand for the European Markets.