RAM70AX- Air-Powered Tamping Rammers

•  Examples of applications where an air-powered rammer would be desirable:

     - Inside of buildings where engine exhaust will be a problem

     - Down in deep trenches where engine exhaust can accumulate

     -  Use in oil refineries and mining where spark-operated equipment may not be desirable.

     -  Use in place of an electric rammer and not worry about electric cable length or voltage line loss and much safer!

•  To service between uses requires only a quick wash and checking of the rammer bottom oil reservoir - that's it!

•  No engine to service which also eliminates many of your typical rammer service issues.

Machine Dimension – L x W x H (mm) 770 X 410 X 1,067
Shoe Size – L x W (mm) 335 x 285
Operating Weight (kg) 78
Stroke (mm) 80
Impact Force – kgf (kN) 1,600 (16)
Blows Per Minute 630- 680
Compaction Area (m²/h) 300
Power Source Air
Air Consumption 60 cfm
More Info

Looking for an alternative power source to operate your rammers? Hoppt provides the solution with our air motor-powered rammers. Perfect for those applications where a spark-operated motor is not desirable and it provides a clean low-maintenance version of one of a construction site's staple pieces of equipment. Requiring only 60 CFM of air the air-powered rammer can operate easily off of your job site air compressor. 

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