ROL7OO-Hydrostatic Duplex Roller-Double Amplitude

Features and Benefits:

Two large Poclain hydraulic drive pumps and a vibration pump from Sauer Danfoss

Air-cooled HATZ diesel engine: powerful and environmentally friendly.

Hydrostatic drive and vibration system.

Hydrostatic adjustable excentric weights that are productive in both soil and asphalt applications.

Hydraulic pump for hydrostatic drive and steering: no V-belt or clutch.

Ergonomic vibration dampened operator handle, control panel with easy access.

Hydrostatic control lever and adjusting lever.

Two removable drum scrapers ensuring automatic cleaning.

MAXIMUM SAFETY: dead man safety button.

Hydraulic parking brake, reverse gear limited to 2.5 km/h.

Adjustable amplitude on asphalt (13 kN) as well as on soil (21 kN).

Anti corrosive oil tank.

Machine Dimension – L x W x H (mm) 2,095 x 980 x 2,568
Drum Size – D x W (mm) Width (900) Option(1000), Diameter (560), Shell Thickness (15) Side Clearance (40), Curb Clearance (337), Chamfered Edge Finishing
Operating Weight (kg) 1,730
Centrifugal Force (kN) 16
Vibration Frequency – Hz (vpm) 66.7 (4,200)
Water Tank Capacity (L) 110
Hydraulic Oil Tank (L) 30
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 31
Maximum Speed (km/h) 10- Highest Speed
Height - Top of the Steering Wheel (mm) 1,534
Height - Top of the ROPS (mm) 2,568
Shipping Weight (kg) 1,790
Drum Weight (kg) Static Front and Rear - 376
Drum Wiper Type Spring-Loaded Self-Adjusting Steel Wiper
Vibrating System Nominal Amplitude 0.4, Gear Pump- POCLAIN® Hydraulics, FRANCE, Motors- CASAPPA®, ITALY
Vibrating Drums Front/Both
Propulsion DRUM DRIVE - Axial Piston Puump with Variable Displacement and 2 Radial Piston Motors from POCLAIN® Hydraulics, FRANCE
Brakes - Gradability (Theoretical) 35° PARKING - SAHR (Spring-Applied Hydraulically Released)
Steering System and Design 1 Cyclinder, Double-Acting Hydraulic System with a Maintenance-Free centre Pivot Articulation of ±30° Outside Turning Radius - 3,100 mm
Water System Pressurised Electric Diaphragm Pump. Filters of 100 Mesh Screen@ Nozzle with 80 Mesh in-Line
More Info

Fully hydrostatic, dual vibration system 

The innovative ROL700 walk behind roller helps you limit your machine investment. A double stage high-amplitude setting provides this walk-behind roller to perform custom built for both work on soils and aggregates. With the flip of a switch your operator can adjust to a low-amplitude setting and have a roller that is a perfect fit in asphalt and bituminous materials. This roller is equipped with the powerful Hatz 1 B50 engine with electric start and easy accessible control panel on steering handle. The drive and vibration are fully hydraulic, eliminating V-belt and clutch. 

ROL700 features scrapers and a 50-litre water tank with sprinkler system to ensure the machine is ready to handle bituminous surfaces when called upon. This unique Hoppt roller offers perfect clearance on both drum sides, allowing compaction work extremely close to curbstones, retaining walls and other obstacles. No extra time­consuming work on edges and in confined areas is needed. The hydraulic drive ensures variable speed adjustment and smooth starting/ braking action. 

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