HLT8-4K - Manual - Mast Light Towers

Features and Benefits:

Hinged doors, compact design and strong tow frame 

Large back cover with fan provide spacious heat extraction. 

2 height adjustable galvanized stabilizers ensure stability of the machine and can withstand up to 80 km/hr wind with mast fully assembled.

Dimensions - L X W X H (MM) 404 x 260 x 328
Minimum Dimension - L x W x H (mm) 2,650 x 1,300 x 2,460
Maximum Dimension - L x W x H (mm) 2,650 x 2,460 x 8,000
Dry Weight (kg) 716 kg
Frequency (rpm) 60Hz/50Hz
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 75 litre
Maximum Height 8 m
Raising Manual
Rotation Section 340 degree
Maximum Wind Stability 80 km/hr
Power 10 kw
Cooling Water
Fuel Diesel
Starting System Electric
Oil Sump Capacity 2.4 Litre
Consumption 263 g/kwh
Noise Level 93 Lwa
Battery 12 V - 44 Ah
Single Phase Voltage 10 kVA - 240 V
Cos 0.8
Mechanical Protection IP 23
Type of Light Metal Hode Floodlight
Number & Power of Light 4 x 1,000 w
Degree of Protection IP66
Constructor Material of the Body Die-Cast Aluminium
Constructor Material of Lampholder Ceramic
Cable Gland Stainless Steel
Optical Case Opening System Stainless Steel Clips
Number of Cylinders 3
Displacement 1,028 cc
Reflector Polished and Anodized Alminium 99.85
Governed Engine Speed 1,800 rpm (60Hz)/1,500 rpm (50Hz)
Engine Options Kohler KDW 1003
More Info

Hoppt offers this model with 4 x 1000w Metal Halide bulbs that provide a total light power of 350,000 lumens. These projector lamps can perform up to 10,000 hours of use. HLT8-4K is manufactured with the highest quality components and finish; compact design, safe, efficient and high-performance. The unit offers a wider area of illumination and greater fuel economy. This is perfect for providing static lighting needed in the following applications: construction, rental companies; construction of mining infrastructure; outdoor events equipped with a manual winch and a telescopic mast which enable a compact design and ecnonomy.

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